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With 30 permanent employees from 3 nations in the areas of management, creation and digital development, we work on our clients’ assignments across national borders. The exchange between our locations ensures a constant supply of creative and fresh ideas and guarantees that we are technically up to date.
state of the art.

The people behind ueberall.

Frauke Mester


Paul Sauter


Daniel Näbrig


Sebastian Geiger


Nona Büchele


Marlon Wörndl

Head of Sports&Event

Christoph Fürleger

Managing Director Deutschland

Jasmin Wieser

Social Media Managerin
tel_+39 0474 862681

Florian Gasperi


Isabel Erlacher

Social Media Managerin
tel_+39 0474 862680

Valentina Egger

Ads Managerin
tel_+39 0474 862678

Annalena Lanthaler

tel_+39 0474 862674

Celine Kirchler

Social Media Managerin
tel_+39 0474 862676

Malena D'Amico

Social Media Managerin
tel_+39 0474 862675

Magdalena Jud

Teamlead Social Media
tel_+39 0474 862677

Petra Gasser

Backoffice Managerin
tel_+39 0474 862671

Katharina Puecher

Sales & Projektmanagerin
tel_+39 0474862679

Kathrin Mayr

tel_+39 0474 862671

Tanja Klapfer

Assistenz der Geschaftsführung
tel_+39 0474 862672

Philipp Weissensteiner

Head of Media
tel_+39 0474 862309
tel_+39 0474 862673

Julian Haberl

tel_+43 5332 2070020

Max Keuschnigg

tel_+43 5332 2070017

Julia Oberwalder

tel_+43 5332 2070018

Matthias Kreuz


Dominic Schwärzler

Technical Manager Production
tel_+43 5332 2070016

Anna Schober

tel_+43 5332 2070015

David Federer

Sales & Projektmanager
tel_+43 660 6912978
tel_+43 5332 2070014

Simon Hitthaler

CEO Sales&Operations
tel_+43 5332 20700

Johannes Rofner

CEO Creative Director
tel_+43 5332 20700

Clemens Joast

CEO Business Development
tel_+43 5332 20700









and ueberall. ideas

*Cannes Corporate Media & TV Award 2021 / 2023


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