Winning should be at the heart of any strategy

13 Jan 2021
An article by David Federer, Client Advisor

I am a customer consultant and work in the sales field service of the creative agency ueberall. As a trained baker, I was considered a career changer in the industry for a long time. What used to be water and flour are now concepts, ideas and strategies. It was not an easy path and I had to teach myself a lot: But today I advise clients and companies in a wide range of sectors and industries, from large to small. Today I would like to write something from my experience on the topic of campaign strategy.

The egg-laying pillow in the egg. Does it really exist? In any case, I hear this term very often in my daily work. Everyone wants to show what they are good at and what sets them apart from the competition. Standing out from the rest, however, does not always mean doing so with the loudest and most detailed messages. Meeting everyone’s opinion is just as impossible as pleasing everyone. How boring the world would be then. I then sometimes recommend my clients to take a step back. To reflect on the fundamental values and core statements of their own brand and to break down the desired statements. This is where a holistic agency like ours can be of great advantage. The view from the outside often makes it easier to compare one’s self-image and the external effect. In this process I hear the same sentence again and again:

“I never thought of it that way.”

Our ideas are known for being bold, different, striking. The secret of success is exactly that: to broaden the perspective together and to think outside the box. Once the message and the idea are in place, we usually think about how best to get it out there. The tried and tested usually seems best here. But is appearance always reality? We take a slightly different approach here, also with regard to the order of considerations: Since online channels and digital content in particular demand completely different formats and possible uses, we consider whether the idea can also be applied to the desired placements as early as the development phase. Our online team as well as our content production are perfectly coordinated and can thus produce the content precisely for the respective placement. This saves time, nerves and, above all, a lot of money.

Last but not least, there is the integrity of the measures across all touchpoints. The potential customer or customer comes into contact with the brand or campaign at different places. Understanding which phase of the customer journey the customer is in and how to address them is an essential component for the effectiveness of the advertising measures. But in order not to make the whole thing more complicated than it is, I would like to come back to the statement at the beginning of the article: “Take a breath, take a step back and break things down, because there’s no such thing as the egg-laying willy-nilly. Then the advertising measure will also be a success, which we can of course measure for our clients using defined key figures.

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