Why we think differently everywhere (ueberall)

13 Jan 2021
An article by Simon Hitthaler, Managing Director and Freerider

It is probably in the nature of things that we advertising agencies want to show our chocolaty sides, highlight our special features and emphasise them at every opportunity. After all, this is part of our daily work: to work on uncut diamonds until they shine and trigger a feeling of desire. But that is not what this article is about. Rather, it is about explaining our unconventional point of view. We have been around for almost 4 years now. A lot has happened since then. The original video production company has grown into an impressive full-service communications agency with 3 locations, and the fourth location is already being planned.

But why this rapid growth? And why do we really think differently from all the other competitors surrounding us?

1. We are everywhere (ueberall).

Yes, that’s right. Our slogan is not just a phrase, but we live it in our daily work. Unlike many other competitors, we are not sector-specialised. Entrepreneurially, some would certainly claim that this is not particularly intelligent, a lá standardised processes etc.. But this is exactly what we want to avoid. From luxury hotels to large industrial companies, from retailers to small flats, we serve clients across a wide spectrum. This forces us to constantly rethink, reinvent ourselves and acquire new knowledge, and ultimately it shows in the end product.

2. We are emotionally driven

From the very beginning, our actions have always been influenced by our feelings. Even if we naturally also take rational factors into account, our gut feeling is always a deciding factor. No matter whether it’s a campaign idea, the acquisition of new customers or the search for new employees. If the gut feeling and the chemistry are right, the project will be a success.

3. We are brave

Our awareness that everyone only boils with water and that we can achieve everything with a lot of effort drives us on again and again. Challenges do not frighten us, but excite us. So our ideas are sometimes daring and courageous, but they also achieve the desired attention.

4. We are young

The average age in our agency is just under 27. But we certainly don’t lack know-how, even if some might wish we did. So much for courage. Who wants a boring advertising agency?

5. We are down to earth

Glossy agency or creative chaos people? Neither. You could actually call us pretty boring in that respect. We have neither barking agency dogs nor daily breathing exercises. Everyone is meant to be who they are, and we want to stay that way. Even if our ideas are sometimes crazy, it’s important to have a down-to-earth view of them and always ask yourself the question: Am I achieving what I want to achieve with this? This is also reflected in our communication, we always prefer the direct and quickest way without a lot of blah blah.

Why our customers appreciate us and why we are growing so rapidly at the moment, I can’t say for sure. Maybe because we are simply who we are and don’t mince words. everywhere(ueberall). just.

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