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13 Jan 2021
An article by Philipp Weissensteiner, Social Media Manager at ueberall.

Tired and rather exhausted, I drag myself into the kitchen to make my espresso, it’s 8 o’clock in the morning. No, I’m not at home, in jogging trousers I’m standing in the middle of my workplace today, the ueberall. office in Wörgl. It’s not long before the rest of my colleagues arrive, just a few more hours and I’m standing in the same place, dressed up in a smart shirt, presenting the latest campaign concept to one of our most prestigious clients. 

It is one of those few days a month when all of us from the team are really in the office, although it has to be said that our headquarters in Wörgl is anything but a classic office – the word flat would probably be a better description. A stylish flat in the attic. Kind of creative, isn’t it? So it’s not just the heads that go in and out of here every day that are creative. The whole ambience around it literally infects you with inspiration. It’s the little things, the details that push you with new ideas and creativity every time. Or maybe it just seems that way because this flat is so versatile. Versatile like our full-service agency in general, versatile like our daily agenda. The name says it all, we are everywhere. There’s no such thing as can’t, we put you in the spotlight and no distance is too far for us. But also versatile, like our locations. From the metropolis of Vienna to the tranquil town of Bruneck in the heart of the Alps, our various locations couldn’t be more diverse. It’s the mixture that makes it. Accordingly, our range of tasks is never the same. From a simple social media solution to an elaborate image film, everyone has their speciality, but ultimately we all give free rein to our creativity. 

We are constantly exchanging ideas with each other, the customer is king. Sentences that you probably know too well, but which you actually, if you are honest, want and need to hear if you want to be successful. But in reality it’s really like that, only if you constantly keep yourself informed and are always up to date with the latest developments, can you ultimately satisfy your customers. The most important thing is to be able to identify with the company. That’s why we are everywhere. except in the office. Current pictures, glimpses behind the scenes, seemingly unimportant details, actually little things that are actually so important for an optimal end product. We play with people’s emotions and perceptions, details and little things are indispensable. What makes a good newspaper article? Exactly, it’s the headline, maybe even the appealing cover picture or the short introductory sentence that makes you want more and literally throws you into an addiction. Exactly the same applies to online advertising, it’s the little things that make the big picture really big. How or rather what makes people not ignore my advertising? How do I sell myself even better? My appearance in the social networks should ideally be like a beautiful catalogue, right? How can I create hype around something?

Many people can make beautiful pictures. The same goes for telling a good story, but to put it all together into a finished product that blows you away requires some simple skills and a lot of commitment. Creativity, ambition and down-to-earthness, these are the secrets to success as an agency – please don’t tell anyone.

My name is Philipp Weissensteiner, I am Social Media Manager at ueberall. and I create your “beautiful catalogue”, just online.

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