Aesthetics lies in the detail

13 Jan 2021
An article by Anna Schober, creation at ueberall.

I am often asked what makes a good film shot. What are the requirements? What does it have to look like? What makes it special?

There are many different views on what makes a shot look really unique. Of course, it is also a matter of taste whether a film or even a short, inconspicuous video captivates you or leaves a rather boring impression.

Basically, however, I am of the opinion that a good recording must move something in you. It has to captivate you, amaze you, shock you, make you curious or touch you emotionally in some other way. In order to achieve exactly that, I think that even the smallest details are very important when shooting. Because it is the details that make a picture coherent and authentic. Only they turn an average picture into a real eye-catcher. Shimmering water pots on dewy grass, mystical fog meandering through the forest, discoloured leaves gently gliding to the ground on an autumn day. 

It’s little things like that that give a film shot its soul. They bring the picture to life. They make the difference. The good thing is that such seemingly mysterious magic can often be staged very quickly. They often don’t require the great effort that one would expect behind a spectacular shot. Just pack a spray bottle and the perfect dew drops are guaranteed. Likewise, handy fog machines often provide the perfect mood kick. However, this does not mean that the obviously important factors such as camera settings, camera work, lighting, sound, setting etc. should be disregarded. Quite the opposite. It is only in combination with all these factors that images are created that move you, images that make you think, images that make you marvel…

In the end, it’s the details, the dedication to the project and the seemingly unimportant little things that make the difference and make the big picture seem big. A sense for the subtleties and creative ideas – then you can be sure of one thing, your recording will move people everywhere(ueberall). Promised…

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